Street / Bathroom Graffiti


This might be the most obvious case of graffiti on campus. It’s by the Illini Media building on Green street. I don’t expect that there was actually much thought as to a rhetorical purpose for this graffiti. The penguin shows up at several places on Green street and around campus, and seems more like the tag of a specific person or group. The panda comes from the WWF logo, and has a pot leaf in place of its left eye. That could be making some sort of statement about environmentalists, but I don’t think its placing here really means anything.


Here we see the helpful nature of the bathroom stall; one man comes presenting a problem that many have had before. It is an oft-cited poem that details the issue of a bowl blockage. It’s a really disappointing occurrence. Some people may feel ashamed. They may blame themselves. The stall wall is here with support: one anonymous guru suggests bran flakes. Another recommends lots of water. A third man comes in with a nonsequiter, critiquing the penmanship of the second commenter.


“I think [of pussy] therefore I am [a pussy]”

This simple poem began as the old phrase “I think therefore I am.” On the bathroom wall, however, it was given a new purpose suggests a sort of “you are what you eat” mentality, if you’ll excuse the gross double entendre. It’s a little different than most pussy-themed graffiti in bathroom stalls in that it’s saying that – or at least what I get out of it is that if the the only thing a man concerns himself with is ‘getting pussy,’ he will never accomplish anything else.


Girl sliding down a handrail. This one is probably just meant to be playful, and doesn’t have a deep social meaning like many of his other works do. Maybe it could be that this is in some area heavily traveled by people on their way to work, who might be unaware of their surroundings, just focused on their own routine. The girl, however, is unaware of all that, just in that place to have fun.

Banksy’s works in Jerusalem are a commentary on the situation there between Israelis and Palestinians. In this case, a girl is frisking a soldier. The note under the picture says that it was painted near the wall separating Israeli and Palestinian territory, and that people are often arrested for terrorism when they are found near the wall. It’s suggested in the picture that the girl found a gun on the soldier and took it away. It might be saying that childish innocence is something we need to get over serious armed conflicts.

Springfield Etsy store: Soundtrack

Soundtrack for Image, the Etsy store specializing in ‘vintage finds’ and custom-made pastel-colored pillows with unnaturally round cartoon owls with on them.

1. 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale
A ‘classic’
2. Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons
Mumford and Sons use a banjo and play it like a guitar; banjos are trendy, but playing a banjo like a banjo is not trendy.
3. Be Calm by fun.
A good song to listen to when you’ve bought everything on your pinterest and you’re blogging on tumblr about how good fun. were before they sold out and how not enough people correctly typset their name. fun.
4. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes
The song you’re thinking of when you tell people you ‘really like folk music.’ Good song for scarf-shopping.

What’s important about these songs is that they’re accessible, both musically and literally; they’re easy to find on youtube, and might have a cute music video that you open in a tab and flip between the video and Etsy.

Salted duck sound clip

My story was just a dream I had because I couldn’t think of any one story that I ‘tell at parties.’ I sort of had to just read off of what I had written down because I couldn’t remember what exactly it was that I’d dreamed. And I guess I tried to kind of rush through it because I don’t like the sound of my own voice; so, the pauses in my reading were usually at normal reading pause times.